11 septiembre 2016

vSphere 6 upgrade: repoint replicated embedded SSO or PSC to external PSC

One of the keys of the new vSphere 6 topology is decided which scenario will fits better following the best practices. The main best practice is deploy external PSC as it will help us to get high availability SLA and an easier upgrade path for the future. keep in mind that VCSA is the recommended option to deploy vCenter right now.

First of all, review on this image the upgrade path from the two different platforms: Windows Server and VCSA (vCenter Server Appliance):

Go ahead with a specific and common scenario: SSO embedded replicated between at least 2 vCenters.

First step is to deploy an external SSO replicating with the embedded SSO, second step is repoint vCenters to the external SSO and third uninstall the embedded SSO:

The quid here is the process to "repoint" the SSO, follow this KB and you´ll see it´s a piece of cake:

If you have PSC embedded instead the SSO embedded just follow this kb:

Once you have the new external SSO working, just upgrade it to PSC:

And last but not least, upgrade the vCenter 5.x to vCenter 6.x

You can use the same steps to upgrade a single vCenter install with embedded (or not) SSO or PSC.

Finally, remember that VMware recomeends:
  • Deploy VCSA
  • Deploy external(s) PSC
  • Select a VMware "recommended" topology

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