27 abril 2015

vRealize Operations Manager 6 - Part V - Create Custom Groups with vSphere Tags

One of the best vROps (old vCOps) features is the option to create custom groups where you can define the criteria membership and apply a policy rule to them.

There is a lot of environments where the Virtual Machines are not properly configured and defined, with the vSphere Folders or inventory VM names, no naming convention, etc.... 
Is here where the "vSphere Tags" win the game! You can easily tag your VMs!  ..use PowerCLI!!!! (next post incoming)

Imagine that you need to create a policy rule and a Custom Group but your VMs in vSphere are not organized...  Are you thinking in add one-by-one to a Custom Group? and what if tomorrow you add new VMs? ...manually adding Vms is not a good idea, so try to tag your VMs when you create it on the vSphere environment and keep it updated with your CMDB database.

But, how to tag your environment properly?  First of all, you "must" have clear the tags you want to add and how to categorize it.  Just an example, filter you DDBB Vms  (SQL, Oracle, MongoDB, etc) or filter by App Vms, or Bckp environment, or AV environment... and so on.....

Once you have your VMs tagged, you can create a custom group as shown below:

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