17 julio 2014

VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vCOps): how to create specfic Groups

In this case, Groups are refereed to items which are suitable to be monitoring, not for user groups or similar as i just wrote in other post
Let´s go! From the vSphere UI portal (https://ip/vcops-vsphere) click on the top option "Configuration" and the select the tab "Manage Group Typs" and add a new one by click on the plus button:

Now, in the top page, next to  the World icon, click on "Actions" and select Create new group..."

Follow the wizard and add the group  created on the Type option:

On the second step add the VMs or the object/item that you want to add to the Group:

Now, you can see the specific group holding on the Groups icon:

13 julio 2014

VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vCOps): assign user access to custom dashboards

From the Custom UI portal (https://ip/vcops-custom) and with admin rights, go to de ADMIN tab and select SECURITY.

Create a new Accoun Group first and after a User Account as shown below:

 Once we have the Group and the User, it´s time to assign access to the custom dashboard.
Go to the HOME tab, select the dashboard and click on SHARE:

Select the dashboard that you want to share and "drag-an-drop" to the Group (from the right pane to the left pane).

 Let´s go to test it! Open the Custom UI portal with the credentials of the new user and verify that this user only have access to the specific custom dashboard:


11 julio 2014

VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vCOps): import users from LDAP

As you can´t add the vCOps vApp to an Active Directory domain or LDAP system, you have two options: create local user and groups on the vCOps or import users from an LDAP.

Let´s go! Connect to the Custom UI portal (https://ip/vcops-custom) and click on the Security option on the ADMIN tab (top pane) as shown below:

After click o0n the "Import From LDAP" button, you must add the IP, the Base DN of your AD and an user and pass with enough rights to access.
Once you fill the blanks, click on Load LDAP Groups and add the groups on the down-right pane:

Click the in OK and  return to the previous screen. Click "Lookup" and select the users/groups found:

Now you can view the user and add it to the specific Account Groups on the User Management:.

It´s time to test it!  Go to the Custom UI portal or vSphere UI portal and try to access with the user name as it appears on the Account Groups (format: user@domain)