18 agosto 2016

How to revert ESXi to a previous version

In case you need to revert your ESXi to a previous version, there is an option to do that trough the DCUI (Direct Console User Interface):

  1. In the console screen of the ESXi host, press Ctrl+Alt+F2 to see the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI) screen.
  2. Press F12 to view the shutdown options for the ESXi host.
  3. Press F11 to reboot.
  4. When the Hypervisor progress bar starts loading, press Shift+R. You will see the warning:
    Current hypervisor will permanently be replaced
    with build: X.X.X-XXXXXX. Are you sure? [y/n]
  5. Press Y to roll back the build.
  6. Press Enter to boot.

Don´t forget to backup your configuration before the revert.

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