04 agosto 2011

Cambios licenciamiento vSphere 5 (Parte 2ª)

Os pego directmente un extracto del correo que hemos recibido sobre los 3 nuevos cambios (rectificaciones... a mi entender) sobre el licenciamiento de vSphere 5:

".....We’ve listened to your ideas and advice, and we are taking action with the following three updates to the vSphere 5 licensing model:

* We’ve increased vRAM entitlements for all vSphere editions, including the doubling of the entitlements for vSphere Enterprise and Enterprise Plus. Below is a comparison of the previously announced and the new vSphere 5 vRAM entitlements per vSphere edition:

* We’ve capped the amount of vRAM we count in any given VM, so that no VM, not even the “monster” 1TB vRAM VM, would cost more than one vSphere Enterprise Plus license. This change also aligns with our goal to make vSphere 5 the best platform for running Tier 1 applications.

* We’ve adjusted our model to be much more flexible around transient workloads, and short-term spikes that are typical in test & development environments for example. We will now calculate a 12-month average of consumed vRAM to rather than tracking the high water mark of vRAM.

Finally, we introduced the vSphere Desktop Edition to address vSphere licensing in a desktop environment. vSphere Desktop is licensed on the total number of Powered On Desktop Virtual Machines allowing customers to purchase vSphere for VDI use case on per user basis. Our price books are being updated and will be available on Partner Central shortly."

Ala, que cada uno saque sus propias conclusiones e ir dejando de pensar en cambiaros a Xen o Hyper-V juas juas juas.....

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