20 julio 2015

vRealize Operations Manager 6: Resource Capacity Concepts

One of the primary things you must learn to use  in the correct way the vROps Capacity Planning is understand the capacity concepts.

An image is worth a thousand words:

Having this concepts crystal clear, the next lesson is the 3 capacity models:

  1. Demand based > dynamic
  2. Allocation based > static
  3. combination of demand and allocation models 

With the first method, demand, the resources are assigned to the objects based on their demand and with the second mode, allocation, the resources are assigned to objects in static way.
Usually the allocation model is used for production environments (and the other both for test environments). The main objective is maximize the density optimizing the use of the resources based on demand.
The allocation model reduce the risk of insufficient capacity based on teh assigned resources for objects.

See an example how a trend analisys is different from a demand to an allocation based model:

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