03 febrero 2014

SRM tipicall misconfigurations using VSS

Tips about misconfigurations on SRM with VSS:

-VSS Copy Service in windows guest is in bad state, use: vssadmin list providers

-the application writer is in bad state, use (it´s ok if no errors appears): vssadmin list writers

-vmware vss componentes not installed/registered correctly, use: sc query vmvss

-tools not installed ok

---- VSSADMIN Commands Supported ----
Delete Shadows               - Delete volume shadow copies
List Providers                    - List registered volume shadow copy providers
List Shadows                    - List existing volume shadow copies
List ShadowStorage        - List volume shadow copy storage associations
List Volumes                     - List volumes eligible for shadow copies
List Writers                        - List subscribed volume shadow copy writers
Resize ShadowStorage  - Resize a volume shadow copy storage association

Take a look to this interesting post about VSS and SRM (Thanks @vmKen to sharing):


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