16 febrero 2012

How to upgrade to #VMware #ESX 4.1 and #ESXi 4.1 using VMware Update Manager

This table outlines an upgrade matrix containing upgrade options for applicable versions of ESX/ESXi:

Version From
Update Manager 4.1* 1
vihostupdate *2
(Service Console) *3
esxupgrade.sh *4
ESXESX 3.5.xYes (ISO)NoNoYes (ISO)
ESX 4.0Yes (ZIP)Yes (ZIP)Yes (ZIP)No
ESXi (Embedded)ESXi 3.5.xYes (ZIP)NoNoNo
ESXi 4.0Yes (ZIP)Yes (ZIP)NoNo
ESXi (Installable)ESXi 3.5.xYes (ZIP)NoNoNo
ESXi 4.0Yes (ZIP)Yes (ZIP)NoNo

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