08 diciembre 2011

Nuevo TR: NetApp Storage Best Practices for VMware vSphere 5

Nuevo documento de December 2011 actualizado tambien a la version vSphere 5 (ESXi)

Lo podeis descargar del siguiente enlace: http://media.netapp.com/documents/tr-3749.pdf

Del documento destacaria la referencia al "Storage DRS" con los "Datastore Cluster" de la nueva version vSphere 5, y las recomendaciones sobre su configuracion:

Following are the key recommendations when configuring storage DRS and datastore cluster:
- Set SDRS to manual mode and to review the recommendations before accepting them.
- All datastores in the cluster should use the same type of storage (SAS, SATA, and so on) and have the same replication and protection settings.
- SDRS will move VMDKs between datastores, and any space savings from NetApp cloning or deduplication will be lost when the VMDK is moved. You can rerun deduplication to regain these savings.
- After SDRS moves VMDKs, it is recommended to recreate the Snapshot copies at the destination datastore.
- Do not use SDRS on thinly provisioned VMFS datastores due to the risk of reaching an out-of-space situation.
- Do not mix replicated and nonreplicated datastores in a datastore cluster.
- All datastores in an SDRS cluster must either be all VMFS or all NFS datastores.
- Datastores cannot be shared between different sites.
- All datastore hosts within the datastore cluster must be ESXi 5 hosts.

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