15 agosto 2011

ESXi 5 free up to 32GB RAM

El pasado 4 de agosto publicabamos un post con los nuevos cambios en el licenciamiento despues de que VMware "escuchase" las voces de queja sobre su nuevo modelo de licenciamiento, pero no ha sido hasta el pasado dia 8 cuando en su blog oficial se ah publicado los cambios "definitivos" o no....


Just to recap, the three enhancements we made to the model are as follows:

1. Raising the vRAM entitlements across all editions and kits. Essentials, Essentials Plus, and Standard offerings jump 33% to 32GB of vRAM per 1 CPU. Enterprise and Enterprise Plus double their vRAM entitlements to 64GB and 96GB per 1 CPU respectively.

2. 96GB vRAM cap for each VM. While you can create a VM with up to 1 TB of vRAM the amount we count against the pool will never exceed 96GB. So, no single VM is ever more than 1 license of Enterprise Plus

3. The high water mark that we used to make sure you had enough license in the environment changes to a 12 month rolling average. This will make an spikes in useage even out over time and not force you to have licenses just to cover a infrequent spike in use. This is the same model we use for our per VM management products.


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